quinta-feira, julho 18, 2013

Hate or Love?

I hate you.
I hate all about you
I hate all the thing that you told me
I hate the way I believed in you...
I hate my thoughts about you
I hate me for spend my time thinking about you, I hate myself for waste time doing this stupid text.
I hate you lips, I hate you're kiss

I hate every thing about you
I hate me for wait you all this time
I hate me for gave you a chance... I hate you
I hate every I LOVE U, you told me, I hate all the times I thought you're right for me...
I hate your apologies, everyone of them, I hate all the times I accepted them.
I hate you...
Why can't I leave you?
I want it.
A lot!
I think actually the real problem is me.
I said yes in the first time, I never said you about all of this things that I hate.
I never told what much I want to broke up with you... looks like I've been having a problem about say no people, I don't know why, I never was this way, but somehow, I'm this kind of person now, but i don't want to... I'm just so confuse... And then you show up, and mess up it a lot more.
Now I'm sure about nothing.
I don't know what to do, about you and everything about my life.
And then you told me you love me. And I said me too... but I was not sure about it, and I'm steel not sure about it, but I keep saying this every stupid day, but you say ir for me too, and also say that it for real, that you never feel this way before... my question is How can you possible love me in two weeks?? you don't even know me, and you steel don't know me at all. I'm just SO complicated. and hard to go. But what can I do, I'm this way, you can't change me... I don't know how you feel... I don't even know how I feel... the only think I can say about you is that I like you, so please don't let me down.
And I don't hate you... I just myself for can't hate you.